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cupid kills [Feb. 9th, 2009|06:20 pm]
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[Current Music |cry little sister - aiden]

Well my friend it's almost Valentine's Day! Whether you are in love and awaiting a celebration, single and hating the greeting card companies, or with someone you just want to get their ass of the couch and do something with you, you have to admit that paper hearts and chocolates are abound.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the giving and receiving of candy and gifts, but these days more emphasis is placed on the gift the person gives you rather than the amount of love they actually have for you. However, this year I am much less cynical having recently been to a wedding of two good friends that are very much in love. Some people work for their paychecks and some lucky assholes win the lottery I suppose. My tip to you this Valentine's Day is to not only work on strengthening your sexual and emotional bonds with someone, but your mental ones. Let us not forget that love starts with our heads as well as our nether regions.

For those single men and women out there don't let those saccharine-sweet lovers get you down! Get up, get dressed, and go out! Most people find their next lover when they aren't even looking or really expecting it. A fun thing to do if you're single is to go check out the local music in your city. Dance clubs are horrible places for really connecting with someone, try for a smaller setting. Small venues are perfect because they have three things to make any Saturday night good

- Cocktails
- Live music
- and there's always new people to meet and make friends with.

If you're with someone and you're trying to save some money on Valentine's Day, people always love home cooked meals or relaxing on the beach. And most girls will still swoon for a great mix tape. Or cd if you're new school. Try to mix up the old mushy favorites with some newer love songs like "Wild Horses" by the Sundays, "Flow" by Transister, and "Constant Knot" by City and Colour. Just don't forget to ask her to slow dance.

Girls, boys are the easiest to shop for on Valentine's Day. Just pretend to have gotten him nothing, but be sure to wear some sexy lingerie under your regular clothing, that way you two are finally alone he'll get a nice little surprise. Or you could play this little game I created with my boyfriend.

Buy a few gold star stickers and place them over your body in areas like the back of your neck, behind your knee, on your hipbone, your lower back, the inside of your thigh, etc. and ask your lover to find and kiss around all the stars. If he finds all of them without any direction from you make sure to give him a little attention for being such a good boy.

So Happy Valentine's Day you guys! Hope whatever you're doing or whoever you're doing it with put you in excellent spirits!